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Yen-Ching Chang was born in Taiwan in 1980. She received her BFA in Design from the Chinese Culture University in 2001. Due to her passion for painting, she began learning drawing and painting foundations under the guidance of her mentor Yimaukun in Taiwan from 2007 to 2009. With many years of art teaching experience, she worked as both a private teacher at her own atelier and as a public school teacher in Taiwan. In 2012, she earned her MFA degree in Figurative Painting from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. During her MFA studies, she transitioned into a professional artist and received numerous international awards. Her paintings have been exhibited in museums and galleries and collected by art collectors. In 2014, she temporarily paused her painting pursuits to prioritize her family and children, providing care and support. However, driven by her passion for painting and extensive experience in art education, after relocating to El Dorado Hills in 2021, she resumed her artistic activities and established her own Atelier again in 2023.

Her paintings are both reflections on and celebrations of life, and she enjoys the challenge and freedom of painting from life. Yen-Ching seeks to bring out the artistic spirit within her subjects and strives to express the feelings and emotions she experiences from daily life through her representational paintings.

The main body of Yen-Ching's work lies in the field of portraiture, figurative and landscape painting. When she paints, she connects with her subjects through careful study and observation. She sees visual storytelling as one of the bridges of communication between her and the viewers. Yen-Ching's goal with work is nothing less than to touch the viewers' hearts.

Artists from the late 19th century inspire Yen-Ching greatly. Her favorite artists are Ilya Repin (1844-1930), Thomas Eakins (1844-1916), Jules Bastien-Lepage (1848-1884), Giacomo Favretto (1849-1887), Antonio Mancini (1852-1930), John Singer Sargent (1856-1952), Isaac Levitan (1860-1900), Joaquín Sorolla (1863-1923), Valentin Serov (1865-1911) and Nicolai Fechin (1881-1955.)


2024   California Art Club, Juried Artists

2024   Oil Painters of America, Associate

2023   California Art Club, Juried Artists

2023   Oil Painters of America, Associate


2021    Oil Painters of America, Associate

2014    Oil Painters of America, Associate

2013    Oil Painters of America, Associate 

2012    Oil Painters of America, Associate 

2012    California Art Club


2024   The Jane Van Meter Award of Excellence "Petals of Joy" - 

              33rd Annual National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils, Oil Painters of America

2024   13th Annual PleinAir Salon- March,  Best Still Life Award "Harvest's Bounty" 

2024   13th Annual PleinAir Salon-January,  Best Still Life Award "Peaches and Grapes" 

2013    RayMar Art painting Competition 2011-2012 6th Annual Cpmpetition Winners

2012    Best of show - RayMar's 6th Annual Fine Art Competition, Octorber.

2012    Ann Calhoun Memorial  1st Place Award - 57th SAL Haggin Museum Juried Exhibition  

2012    Finalist - BoldBrush Painting Competition, August 

2012    Finalist - Figurative/International ARC Salon, 2011-2012 "Little Gir with Toy Cars"

2012    Finalist - Figurative/International ARC Salon, 2011-2012 "Lisa"

2012    Director's Choice Award - MFA Annual Spring Show

             Academy of Art University, San Franciso, CA

2012    21st Annual National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils, Oil Painters of America

2012    Honorable Mention for Artistic Excellence - Greenhouse International Salon 

2011    Second Place - BoldBrush Painting Competition, October.

2011    Honorable Mention - SouthwestArt "Emerging Artists|21 Under 31"

2011    Finalist - The Artist's Magazine 28th Annual Art Competition Portrait/Figure.

2011    Finalist - 1st Annual Plein Air Salon

2011    Selected - Greenhouse International Salon

2011    Third Place - Figurative MFA Annual Spring Show

             Small Work Award - MFA Annual Spring Show

             Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA

2010    Annual Spring Show, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA - Selected

2008   Taiwan Natinal Exhibution Committee for Arts - Selected

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